Automated Building Controls -Educational Webcast- Tomorrow! (free)

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Automated Building Controls -Educational Webcast- Tomorrow! (free)

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    Energy has transformed the way we design, construct and operate buildings. Building controls provide the monitoring and management that play a critical role in the ongoing energy performance of buildings. The systems can provide the control, the automation and the data and information to optimize the energy consumption. This webcast will provide straight forward information on buildings controls, system integration and related software tools such as energy management software and system analytics. In addition, the connectivity of the building to the Smart Grid and the function of the building controls in LEED certification will be addressed.

    Energy use remains the most vexing variable to many facility professionals, and for those managers charged with reducing energy costs, the need to improve equipment performance and reduce energy consumption must be achieved without diminishing occupant comfort, safety and security. How can facility managers meet that challenge? Through increased system automation and system integration.

    Learn the keys to energy cost savings available through automated building controls in this Webcast, presented by James M. Sinopoli, PE, RCDD, LEED AP, Managing Principal of Smart Buildings LLC. You will come away with an understanding of how to take an integrated approach to the design of the building automation system and increase the energy efficiency and operational life of a wide range of building systems.

    The Webcast will detail:


    Energy cost saving opportunities presented by automated building controls, and how to take advantage of them


    Beyond the basics (functions each facility manager should be aware of)


    How building automation can help LEED efforts



    Hope to see you tomorrow!


    -Paul Elertson


  • If you missed yesterdays webcast, have no fear!  

    The recording is here:

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