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How do you take care of Mondo floor

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  • We just installed Mondo white floor on our Hockey court.  We sweep and autoscrub it every night with red pad and Profy solution as recommended by the manufactorer.  We scrub it with slow speed 175 rpm weekly.  We are not having any success getting the black marks off from the floor.  Any time we scrub, it looks worser the following day when it's used.  Does anyone has this typeof flooring in their facility that can share with me their maintenance procedure.

  • We have this floor. We really, really, really wish we didn't. I can tell you a lot about this floor from 5 years of hard fought experience, but much too much to include here. I can tell you all the official instructions and also what actually works, but there are NO good answers.


    E-mail me your phone number at and we can talk.

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