In answer to gopher control.  The Rodenator or bait is good for orchards or large scale control to an area with controled access.  On a smaller scale I would reccommend the Macabee Gopher Trap.  I achieved 100% control of a 20 acre sports complex and have not seen a gopher at the site for more than 20 years.  I bought 2 dozen traps and set them every morning, again after lunc and before the end of the day. It took me six weeks to achieve complete control.  A lot of work at first but as the numbers of gophers decreased so did the amount of work.  The last two weeks were spent trying to get the last few die hards.  Read up on the habits of the gophers ahed of time before traping.  Start with the most recent activity and excavate and place the traps in both directions of the tunnel.